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We are excited to hear of your interest in thinking red ink!

Conventional Christianity has traveled far from the basic instructions given by Jesus. There are many thoughts that must be erased and many traditions that must be corrected. This task is not easy. Many people bail out early. The THINK RED INK philosophy is not something you can acquire simply through education. The process of personal revelation is essential. Revelation and understanding can only happen over time through obedience, meditation and patience. Many begin the journey intellectually only to walk away when challenges to tradition occur. Our purpose is to encourage, support and provide counsel to ThINKers who receive our materials. Our policy is to assure good stewardship of the funds given by others to provide materials to help you along your journey.

Please let us hear from you before you request the next item, i.e. send a question, write a review, email a testimony, join the ThINKers chat, call-in on the radio program – Red Letter Edition – LIVE!  or send an email. Please do not allow the fact that these materials are available to you at no cost rush you. Think “daily bread.” We’ll be here.

We welcome you to become a long-term friend and ThINKer!

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